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Artist Sobrane is an internationally recognised painter with exhibitions held in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Italy. She has completed walls in Soriano, Italy, Broome and Tasmania.

Sobrane completed her second exhibition in Hong Kong with the Asia Contemporary Art Show as part of Hong Kong's Art Month and held her first solo exhibition in Rome at MaTer Gallery which saw her gain press coverage as far reaching as Iraq Daily News. In January 2019, Sobrane held a 3 month exhibition in Sydney with a studio setup overlooking Whale Beach. This was a very productive time leading into a trip to Africa and on to the Serengeti. She has completed residencies in Beijing and Malaysia and has regular exhibitions around Australia.

Team Sobrane now has 2 extensive galleries running 7 days a week showcasing Sobrane's unique works. One in Broome (Headquarters) and one in Tungamah. The galleries are run by a team of very talented staff and you will regularly see Sobrane working in the studios attached to each gallery. Her galleries are as unique as her artwork. Bright blue walls and hand painted floors set the scene to showcase her beautiful art work.